Three Common Plot Points in Bollywood Horror Movies

If you have heard about those cliched Bollywood action movies where the villain has killed the protagonist’s parents and he/she is baying for revenge, you would not be too surprised to find out that even Bollywood horror movies have some statutory plot points around which a movie can be made. These plot points were generously used by the Ramsay Brothers, who literally held the torch in the ’80s and the ’90s to a dwindling horror film market. Here are the three common plots found in a Bollywood horror movie.

Youth in an Old Mansion:

Old mansions and farmhouses in Lonavla and other far flung places in India made a killing when they were hired for the shooting of a horror movie. The plot basically had a couple of college kids go out either for a picnic and be stranded in an old mansion, or actually plan a picnic in an old mansion which is supposed to be haunted – yes, there were those kind of movies.

A few risque scenes, a little song and dance, and then the killing spree would start, and the main characters would find out that the mansion was haunted by someone because of some kind of injustice meted out to them – it would normally be a poor girl who was killed off for some particular reason.

The movie would finally end when the spirit would either be exposed to sunlight or would be locked in some temple or church.


Reincarnation has been a plot point for many horror movies based in urban India, but is nevertheless a very integral part of the Bollywood horror industry as well as the Bollywood industry as a whole. Reincarnation movies have been made into out and out actioners, thrilling horror and even love stories. The plot would revolve around one, or sometimes even two people who were killed off in their previous birth by the evil people, and they would take a rebirth to avenge themselves – those were fun times.

The movie would finally end when the reincarnated person would take the revenge in lieu of their previous birth. There have been several superhit movies based on this concept.

The Possessed:

Exorcist is not the only movie that has played about with the concept of being possessed. There are several Bollywood horror movies which have revolved around a young child or a woman being possessed by an aatma (spirit) and how doctors and even seers and saints try to exorcise the demons from their body.

This concept was mainly used by film makers to debate about science and God, and there were many sequences where a priest and a doctor would argue hammer and tongs about who would be the right person to exorcise the ghost.

Horror Movies for Horror Movie Haters

Do you see horror movies as a waste of time? Is it difficult for you to see the entertainment value of a good disemboweling or the odd decapitation? You are not alone. Whether you think torture-porn like Hostel or The Human Centipede take things too seriously, or you’re offended by the lack of horror movies set in space, there is a scary movie out there for you. Don’t let another frightless Halloween pass you by, and come with us to explore some horror movies for people who hate horror movies.

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil – This Canadian comedy-horror takes your stereotypical, ‘hillbillies slaughter college kids camping in the woods’ motif and flips it on its ear. Tucker and Dale are two not-so-stereotypical rednecks on holiday. A holiday marred by a string of misunderstandings and miss-communication with a group of suburbanite kids that leads to a series of gruesome yet hilarious deaths of said kids at the hands of… themselves. Recommended if you hate horror movies because the victims are too stupid to run or fight back.

Event Horizon – The crew of the space ship Lewis & Clark are sent on a rescue mission to investigate an SOS from the Event Horizon, a ship that was lost seven years previously on its maiden voyage, while testing a new gravity drive. The gravity drive was designed to create a wormhole from one point in space to another. It would seem the drive worked, so the question is where did the ship go while in between those two points, and what did it bring back with it? Recommended if you hate horror movies because there aren’t enough phasers set to ‘kill’.

The Lost Boys- This classic re-imagines the typical vampire myth to accommodate coastal California suburbanites and motorcycle gangs. Two brothers move to Santa Carla with their recently divorced mom. Trying to make friends and impress a girl, Michael falls in with a gang of vampires who try to turn him into one of their own. Younger brother Sam is left to figure out how to get his brother back with the help of the infamous Frog brothers. It’s filled with enough cheesy one-liners and wooden stakes to keep everyone happy. Recommended if you love the 80s more than you hate horror movies.

Ghostbusters and Zombieland . Recommended if you hate horror movies for a distinct lack of Bill Murray.

Army of Darkness – Hail to the king of B-horror schlock! Bruce Campbell reprises his roll as Ash Williams in the trilogy-capping third movie of the Evil Dead franchise. This movie has everything. The undead (called Deadites here), medieval knights, ’73 Oldsmobiles, the Necronomicon, a big name director (Sam Raimi) and one genuine boomstick. Recommended if you hate horror movies that aren’t campy cult classics.

The Frighteners – Another movie with a big name director (Peter Jackson), this one stars Michael J. Fox as architect Frank who starts seeing dead people after a car accident seemingly claims the life of his wife. Using his skills to exorcise homes for a fee, Frank is slowly pulled into a paranormal investigation of his own when he starts seeing numbers appear on people’s foreheads-people who end up dying under suspicious circumstances. Recommended if you hate horror movies because they have no sense of mystery.

Shaun of the Dead – This British movie is solely responsible for launching the Hollywood careers of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Shaun (played by Pegg) is your average guy in your average slacker comedy. Much of the movie is focused on him trying to get his life in order, as well as his relationships with his girlfriend, flatmates, mother and stepfather. All set to the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse. Recommended if you hate horror movies because there aren’t enough English accents and jokes about video games.

The History Of Horror Movies – Tribute to Horror in Cinemas

From time to time, we see so many horror movies come and go. Spooky, haunted houses, serial killers, slashers, maniacs, mentals, satanic and many others have been pictured in the movie. A lot of sub genres, a lot of remakes, a lot of variations, twist and all that can easily be found through the ages. Yeah, it’s all true. But have we ever thought where it all came from?
Or how does the horror movies genre change from time to time?

For you who share the same passion about horror movies, and want to know the road that have been travelled by Horror movies, allow me to have the honor to be your guide. Buckle up, here we go.

Where It All Began

The year was 1922, place: German. I can say that it was the birth of horror movies. W Murnau started the terror and fear through Nosferatu, nosferatuthe
story about bloodsucking vampire. It wasn’t the first vampire movie, as in 1896 Georges Melies made Le Castle Du Diable, but Nosferatu was the first movie where we saw vampire destroyed by sunlight. This one boasted remarkable animalistic makeup that has not been replicated, even with modern
technology. Dozens of vampire movies followed after that. In 1931 Universal Studio launched 2 legendary horror movies, Dracula with Bela Lugosi and Frankenstein with Boris Karloff. Both of the movie became a classic and very successful. Boris Karloff even became a legendary name in horror movies history. The Mummy (1932) a silent picture with horror icon Boris Karloff in the title role, remains a classic, with unforgettable make-up and atmosphere. In 1935, the sequel of Frankenstein,
The Bride Of Frankenstein was made.This isn’t silent anymore.


During 40’s the world’s on war, and it has changed the genre. Horror was almost forgotten as patriotic movies and war has taken the place. It slowly raised again around 50’s, where comedy and musical movies ruled. There were good ones took place at this time, House of Wax is one of the example. 1960 was the time for Hitchcock to make a memorable movie: Psycho. Too bad, this is the only horror movie by Hitchcock, cuz then he made lots of suspence thriller goodies like Rear Window, Vertigo,North by Northwest,Dial M For Murder that kinda changed the genre again. And remember, spaghetti western Movies in the late 60’s also had its moment.

The 70’s

This is the most creative year of Horror movies.Unlike before, horror movies got big exploration, where so many variation of story and evil came in. Note there were lots of controversy and protest happened here.The Exorcist (1973) for example showed disgusting scenes that never been imagined before, like the green puke to the face transformed to evil. This movie was controversial when Catholic Church protested that the demon cast-out in the movie was against the code of conduct. The shining, that based on Stephen King’s novel was one of the best one during 70’s. Later on from this decade to 80s and 90s, lots of movies was made based on his scary novel such as Carrie, Christine, Cujo, It, , Cat’s Eye, Dream Catcher, are the example. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) was a low budget movie that reached a great result. This one introduced “the slasher movie” to the world that later followed by Halloween (say hi to Michael Myers) , Friday the 13th, Scream in the 80’s and 90’s and so on. Omen is a bonechillin’ movie that can still give
you nightmare even with today’s technology of making movie.Simply unforgettable. Amityville Horror, based on the true story was the first movie that took place in the actual location. The report said a lot of bizarre and dreadful things were experienced by cast and crew in location.

The 80’s

Freddie Kruger

This is the decade of madness. All gory stuff were shown sadistically for viewing. cutted off body parts were seen everywhere. Nightmare on Elm Street that launched Freddy Krueger to horror hall of fame, and Jason Voorheyes slashing games in Friday the 13th are one of the example. These two had some of their sequels during 80s, together with 3 of Halloweens. And remember how Italian horror movies that have a very sick super bloody vision? Count Romero and Argento for this category. This is also the era where horror expanded to tv.

The 90’s

Funny thing happened in 90s. There’s a tendency of self defense and self actualization by horror character on terror they have made to people. For example Ghost, Bram Stocker’s Dracula that told the story about Count
Dracula’s painful love to Mina, or Interview With Vampires that unlocked the mystery of vampire lives. Scream started a new genre, teen horror movies, slashing-serial-killer-who-did-it,which soon followed by I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend, and some more. A note in 1999, an independent movie Blair Witch Project became a big phenomena,using a documentation technique to give us fear,tense and mental disturbance. This one inspired some other movies like St.Francisville Experiment, The Lamarie Project and
tv series Freaky Links.



Still too early maybe to talk about horror movies in 2000s, but looks like Hollywood has running out of ideas. They are trying to widen up their view to see new ideas outside that can give new vision on the term of horror. The Ring, remake from Japanese movie was their first success. Followed by The eye, and some other remakes from Asian cinemas.

This decade seems being led by Japan and Korea, by making so many horror movies with lack of effects or gory blood but still successfully tortured our feeling. They don’t go with the Hollywood pattern, they just dig everything else that hasn’t been touched yet. Thailand is also emerging as a good horror maker. Indonesian movies too, with amusing number of horror movies every year. We also mark the decade 2000 for the decade of sequels and remakes too, such as Halloween H2O, Freddy vs Jason, modern version of Bram Stocker’s Dracula, Dracula 2001,
Halloween Resurrection, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre , House of The Dead, The Amityville Horror and so on.

While the effort to combine some genres and produce something new has still been going on. Saw for example, combine the psycho thriller ala Hitchkock with slasher, sadistic, bloody and graphic scenes.

My prediction? I think this decade will continue to do so. Hopefully in the next decade we will see some new approach, style and way to present horror movies. Let’s wait and see where the horror movies continue their path.

List of Top Horror Movies

Although the selection of movies depends solely on your personal preferences, you can browse through the top horror movies to see if you are keen in watching them. There are several highly rated movies that any horror fanatic should really watch. One of them is The Blob. It was released during the 1950s. Steve McQueen was the leading character, starring a young tough having a genuine heart to combat the ferocious outer space blob of goo which had been demolishing everyone. There was remake created for this horror classic but many still prefer the original version.

The Friday the 13th is also one of the captivating horror films. It was a modern day horror movie where until now, its attention and popularity still remains high. Despite the fact that there has been a whole sequence of series of the Friday the 13th films produced, most of the aficionados voted for the original as the best of all. In the film, the primary character, Jason and his hockey mask have permanently and deeply etched into the minds of the viewers and all who have watched have certainly been crept out.

Besides the two mentioned above, another incredible creation that goes into the list of top horror movies is The Exorcist. Unlike other movies released during the 1970s, this film was one that received fervent publicity. It was an odd sight that people queued up to form extraordinary lines to be one of the audiences. The leading female role was starred by Linda Blair. The story enlivens a young girl possessed by the demon and one of the best scenes was when her head spun round like a top. The frightening scenes in this movie were extremely great to send all audiences down to chills.

Another top rated movie is the Jaws. Being one of most highly ranked horror films, the Jaws were among the best screen flicks that deliver imaginary fears to audiences. In fact most of the viewers were shocked with the utterly astonishing onscreen carnage. This was an incredible production by Steven Spielberg and it is still one that deserves high top listing among the horror genre.

Horror Movie Q&A With Jeff Caxide of Isis

Horror Q&A With Jeff Caxide of Isis

TIS: What’s our fascination with horror movies?

JC: I wish I knew but I have been fascinated with them since I was a little kid. I would always look at the VHS covers in the horror section of the video store wishing I were brave enough to rent one.

TIS: What’s the first horror movie you remember seeing and what emotions did it elicit?

JC: I think it was Jaws. I remember seeing the little boy eaten really disturbed me. To see someone not much older than me get killed in a movie was not something I had seen before. It broke the rules I had in my little 5 year old brain that children were safe in movies. And of course like most people who saw the film at my age I have a deep fear of going into the ocean.

TIS: Why do 99% of today’s Horror Movies suck?

JC: I would argue that 99% of everything sucks but I know what you mean. There seems to be a big lack of creativity and I don’t consider coming up with new ways to kill people (Saw) creative. I have read hundreds of short stories from horror writers that would make great movies but instead we are stuck with remakes and uninspired teen driven crap that are made to open big, make it’s money back and not leave a mark. I guess it’s a generational thing. This is what people seem to want so this is what is going to get made.

TIS: What’s the last great Horror movie you saw and why?

JC: Probably “Antichrist” by Lars Von Trier. It really shows the potential for artistry within the realm of horror. If you watch this with a group of friends I can almost guarantee there will be some debate afterward.

TIS: To this day I still get excited when I hear the eerie piano of John Carpenter’s Halloween theme. What are some of your favorite and most memorable horror soundtracks?

JC: The Wicker Man (original) is easily for me the best soundtrack to a horror movie. It’s mostly folk type songs and fits the movie perfectly. If you have not seen this yet, you are really missing out. It is my favorite horror movie of all time.

TIS: What are some of your favorite indie horror films?

JC: I really liked “The Last Winter”. They obviously didn’t have much money and some of the FX are pretty bad but Larry Fessenden still managed to make a nice atmospheric, creepy film. “The Burrowers” is another that comes to mind. It sadly, also suffers from bad FX but the movie has almost a Terrence Malick tone to it. It got dumped straight to DVD, which is too bad because it really is better than some of the stuff that makes it into the theater.

TIS: There’s many genres of horror movies including Monster, Slasher, Supernatural, Zombie, Occult, Gore, Sci-Fi etc. In your opinion which is the scariest & which is the lamest?

JC: I think any genre has the potential to produce greatness as well as total shit. I would say that slasher films are not my favorite but still there are some great ones out there.

TIS: Who is your favorite horror writer & director?

JC: I would probably go with David Cronenberg or Roman Polanski. I wouldn’t consider either of them Horror directors but they have made some amazing films in the genre. That’s usually the case. Stanley Kubrick made “The Shining” and William Freidken made “The Exorcist”. Those guys are definitely not horror filmmakers. Most directors who stick with horror their whole career seem to get worse with time. Look at John Carpenter, Wes Craven, George Romero and Stuart Gordon. They all started strong and each of them has made at least one classic horror film but they haven’t done anything decent in years.

TIS: What the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen?

JC: Anything that Rob Zombie has done. I thought the Halloween remake was his best movie but I also thought it was terrible. He seems to think there is nothing more to a horror movie than violence and vulgarity. All the Saw movies that I have seen have all been laughable as well.

Steel Cage Match: Pick a winner for each match with the reason why.

Round I:

1. Michael Meyers (Halloween) Vs. Pinhead (Hellraiser)

Winner: Micheal Meyers. Why? Pinhead talks too much.

2. Freddy Krueger (a Nightmare on Elm Street) vs. Possesed Reagan (The Exorcist)

Winner: Reagan. Why? Was in a better movie

3. Norman Bates (Psycho) vs. The Birds (The Birds)

Winner: Norman. Why: He’s crazy but smart. Could probably outsmart birds.

4. Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th) vs. The Shark (Jaws)

Winner: The Shark. Why: I hate the Friday the 13th movies

5. Pennywise the Clown (Stephen King’s “It”) vs. Xenomorphs (Alien)

Winner: Alien. Why: Alien doesn’t have awful band named after it.

6. Ash (The Evil Dead) vs. Shaun (Shaun of the Dead)

Winner: Ash. Why: Shaun is great but me and Ash go way back

7. A Zombie (28 Days Later) vs. A Zombie (Night of the Living Dead)

Winner: Zombie 28 days. Why? Faster, still breathing

8. Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) vs. Candy Man (Candy Man)

Winner: Candy Man. Why? Street cred.

Round II:

1. Micheal Meyers vs. Regan

Winner: Regan. Why: Has the devil on her side

2. Norman Bates vs. The Shark

Winner: The Shark. Why: I’ll just assume this battle takes place at sea. Guy with knife doesn’t stand a chance.

3. Ash vs. Alien

Winner: Ash. Why: If he can take on a hoard of demons, he can take on an Alien.

4. 28 day zombie vs. Candy Man

Winner: Candy Man. Why: Is supernatural. And has street Cred.

Round III:

1. Regan vs. The Shark

Winner: The Shark. Why: Shark can’t be intimidated by Regan’s insults of its mother.

2. Ash vs. Candy Man

Winner: Ash. Why: Perfect opportunity to say “Gimmie some sugar” before he kills a guy called Candy Man can not be passed up.

Final Round:

1. Ash vs. The Shark


Why: If Chief Brody can kill it with a six shooter and an air tank, a guy with a chainsaw for a hand should do just fine.

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